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Roof Inspections

There’s a lot to cover when it comes to evaluating how your roof protects your home, and we know exactly what to look for.

First and foremost, we’ll check the underlayment (the black paper beneath your shingles) to ensure it is sufficient to divert water and stop leaks. We will also check any previous workmanship to ensure that it was done correctly. We’ll check for any damage that may have been caused by severe wind, ice, snow, or heat. After checking all the obvious signs of roof problems, we get down to the finer details.

With an eye for potential structural and material problems, we will check:

    • all peaks and valleys to ensure they are straight, properly joined, and do not sag,
    • the gutter system to ensure it is securely attached and performs appropriate water diversion,
      your chimney to ensure bricks are not cracked and the masonry is not crumbling,
    • for missing, lose or curled shingles,
    • for stains that might indicate moss, mold, or fungal intrusions,
    • all flashing, fittings, and rubber seals around pipes to ensure they are tight and do not allow water intrusion.

We will also climb into the attic to inspect your roof from the inside to ensure there are no signs of water leaks, mold, rot, or fungal growth in the wood.

Once we have completed the inspection, we will provide you with a thorough analysis of what we found, along with a detailed evaluation of the condition of your roof and a complete list of any recommended repairs.

The best time to have your roof inspected is before the hail drops, the snow flies and the rain falls, but we’ll work on your roof during any season, because if it’s been a while since your last roof inspection, right now would be the best time to have it done. Give us a call at Elkhart County Roofing. We want to make sure your roof can handle any weather!

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