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Steel Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common option for roofing, and while they do have longevity and are affordable, they are not the most durable, energy efficient, or as long-lasting as are metal shingles. Some in the industry consider asphalt shingles as a “temporary” solution when compared to metal.

Your roof, by its very nature, is supposed to take the brunt of everything nature can throw at or dump on it. A metal roof can easily withstand that challenge. Unlike a traditional roof, metal shingles will not curl, buckle, or wither because of extreme heat. And because they cannot soak up moisture they do not suffer mildew, mold, or fungus problems, and they do not crack or crumble because of freezing and thawing water.

With a natural thermal buffer between the metal shingles and the roof, your house will remain far cooler in the summer because, unlike traditional shingles, the metal shingle does not lie directly on your roof, and therefore will not transfer heat to your attic. Metal roofing reflects hot sunlight, and also has a larger cooling load, which removes the strain on your air conditioning unit. During the winter, the buffer prevents heat from escaping through the roof, which will give you about a 20% reduction in your heating bill.

Other advantages of metal shingles include:

    • They do not burn and will protect your home from flying sparks and embers.
    • They are secured and will not blow away during intense wind storms.
    • They last four times longer than traditional asphalt shingles.
    • When replaced, they are 100% recyclable (traditional shingles go to landfills).

A sturdy, functioning roof is vital to any home or commercial building, and because every roof gets hammered by the worst weather extremes, you can live with peace of mind because of metal roofing’s inherent safety aspects. Call Elkhart County Roofing today and get your free estimate on metal shingles. We’ll be happy to help keep a roof over your head for your entire lifetime.

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