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Steel Roofing 

Your roof protects arguably your most important investment. That’s why we take our jobs so seriously at Elkhart County Roofing, and why we work so hard to do the finest job possible for you. We’re roofers, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the most important component of your house keeps you protected from everything nature can throw at it.

We install steel roofs because we believe they are a critical part of the future of roofing. Traditional roofs with asphalt shingles are affordable and work just fine, and they last (at best) for roughly thirty years. They’ve been the standard shingle in roofing for more than a century. But a lot more has been going on since the invention of the asphalt shingle, 102 years ago. Weather patterns and climate systems have become more intense, and under extreme conditions a metal roof will maintain its integrity far longer than a traditional roof.

That is perhaps the primary advantage of steel roofs over traditional roofs―longevity, because a steel roof will last four times longer than a traditional roof. Metal roofs have been known to last more than a hundred years, which is longer than an average lifetime. The only issue that could really compromise a steel roof is rust, but with the proper maintenance and a regular painting regimen, all rust problems can be easily mitigated.

Another huge advantage of a steel roof is energy efficiency. The reflective thermal properties of steel panels and the thermal buffer created by their installation keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer, which means you’ll enjoy a significant savings on your energy bill throughout all seasons of the year.

Other advantages of a steel roof include:

    • They allow for the easy installation of solar panel systems.
    • Steel is suggested as the best roofing option for areas with severe weather.
    • Steel is 100% recyclable, thus requires no trips to the landfill when replaced.
    • Steel roofs are nontoxic, unlike traditional, petroleum-based asphalt shingles.

Tomorrow is here and we must meet it. Metal roofs are everything the future is calling for. We’ve been installing metal roofs for more than ten years, so we’ve already given ourselves a head start. Call us today at Elkhart County Roofing to schedule a free estimate. We’re ready to raise your roof into the future.

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